Last updated 10-13-20

Ordering Games from Jolly Games

Ordering games is easy. Email me with a list of what you want, where you are, and how you'd like it shipped.

We take PayPal! But not credit.(see below)

If you want to send a check or Money Order to order games from me, you can order from;

	Jolly Games
	7520 Suey Creek Rd.
	Santa Maria, CA

Price List

Flying Hex Puzzle $25
The Trapped Man; SOLD OUT
Lattice puzzle $15
Flange 99A is $9
Flange 77A is $9

Got It! $9.95
Drakon 4th edition $35
Drakon 1st Expansion $5 (only compatible with 2nd edition)
Kosmiczna Eskadra (Polish Light Speed, in a box) $20.00
Cave Troll 3rd edition $35
Knots $13
Wiz-War, 8th edition SOLD OUT
Wiz-War 8th ed in Italian $25
Expansion 1 Malefic Curses - SOLD OUT
Expansion 2 Beastial Forces - $35
Warhammer DiskWars basic set $40 SOLD OUT
Warhammer DiskWars Hammer and Hold $25
Warhammer DiskWars Legions of Darkness $25

Tax for people in California; 7.5% of your total.

Postage; We charge actual shipping costs based on your location (we ship from California; 93454. If you have a shipping mode preference, we'll be happy to use it. Ask us for your shipping cost based on what you'd like to order.

Form of Payment; Paypal is fine, or just pop a check (or money order) in the mail with a note telling us what you want, and we'll get it out the next day (usually). We don't take credit cards.

If you decide to use PayPal, then e-mail us first with a list of items you wish to order so we can let you know for sure what your total will be. This is especially important for foreign orders, since postage costs tend to vary a lot.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Foreign Orders; If you are in a foreign country, e-mail us with your location and a list of what you wish to order, we'll give you a postage cost and a total, then you can decide whether you want to order the items! American postage rates are shown at, in case you are interested.

Dealers, distributors and store owners are welcome to inquire about our wholesale prices on GOOTMU, Knots, and Got It! Since Jolly Games does not manufacture DiskWars, Wiz-War, or Drakon, we can only offer dealer discounts on the noted items.