Puzzles designed by Tom Jolly


Most puzzles listed here were limited editions made by wood craftsmen specializing in this sort of thing, which means you can't buy them anywhere. The exceptions to this are highlighted with a link to where you can make a purchase. You can, of course, find them "used" on occasion, even on Amazon. And you can find bootleg copies from China, Ukraine, Taiwan, and probably other places, usually selling under other names. I would, of course, appreciate you not buying those versions.

Bundle of Sticks (Level 13.6) Eric Fuller made 44 of these 4/17/15 for $64 each.

Burrbox 1, Brian Menold (woodwondersonline.com) made 12 copies on 4/23/17 for about $55 each.

BurrNoose, Eric Fuller (cubicdissection.com), about 22, released about 6/08. Some more made by Brian Menold around 11/2016, probably about 10-12.

Caged Knot; My favorite puzzle design. Naoyuki Iwase made an unknown qty, and added a variant piece in the sale. Bernhard Schweitzer/Pelikan, about 100 for an IPP2005 exchange. Brian Menold made 11 of them about Dec 2014. Lagoon Group also mass-produced these.I also notice that Siam Mandalay, as of 2018, is also selling an unapproved copy and calling it "Hoopla Cube". There also appear to be some knock-offs floating around of poor quality, with several other names. At the PuzzleWillBePlayed website, Keiichiro did an analysis in 2003 of all the possible variations of the three center pieces, concluding that a level 13.2 is the highest you can get.

Cubed Burr, Eric Fuller, 24 at $44. Released 12/17/2004. Standard burr with 2x2x2 cubic corners, making a cube overall.

Cubed Burr II, Fuller, about 12? About 2005. Also some made by Rich Gain on Shapeways.

Cubic Burr 6.9, about 120 made by Tim Udall for an Exchange puzzle for IPP35. Level Variations of the Cubic Burr are shown on the PuzzleWillBePlayed site.

Cubic Burr 5.8.8 made by Eric Fuller. 47 copies at $49. April 21st 2016.

Double Bar Cube; Eric Fuller 20 copies ($37 @). Released 4/28/06.

Eight Pack, Philos, unknown qty. Unsure date of production.

Entanglement, JG (laser cut via Walt Hoppe) about 40 copies. Jorge Arroyo, unknown #. Puzzle Craft - Unknown qty. Fairly sure there are some illegal copies of this floating around, too.

Filled Stairs - made by Nestor Romeral Andres. Unknown quantity, started about March 2015 making them on-demand.

Flange 77a - about 50 laser cut (Walt Hoppe) around 2009.John Partridge started printing some (unknown qty) in white plastic around 10/24/19.

Flange 99a - about 100 laser cut (Walt Hoppe) around 2009.

Flying Hex puzzle, about Oct. 2014, 23 copies. Laser cut by Walt Hoppe.

H-Cube: Eric Fuller, 25 copies, ($42) Released 4/28/06. Bernhard Schweitzer, about 20 copies?

Hard 12-piece Frame, Schweitzer made a miniature 6 pc. version.

Hollow Cube #2, (aka Tom's Hollow Cube #2). Schweitzer, 25 copies to be made as of 8/9/08.

I-Trouble, Eric Fuller, 25 copies, $79, 1-31-2010.

Inner Cube, Eric Fuller, 41 copies, 19 June 2015. $59 each.

Keyholes, 2 by Schweitzer as samples. Possible 100-200 more by Hermann Kroeger. Some made by Philos, per contract, about 2008?

Lattice, about 100 copies (cut by Walt Hoppe). Another 120 copies for the IPP Exchange, 2009. A number of stores in the Ukraine are selling illegal copies of this puzzle under the name of Lattice-3.

Little Window; I made 3 copies about 2011, I think. Intend to make 3 more, using zebrawood and manzanita.

Loopy Cube, 12 by Brian Menold, about July 2014.

Mean Cube, 12 by Brian Menold, 4/23/17, $52 each.

Modified 6-Piece Burr, Eric Fuller 30 pieces, $44. Released 12/17/2004.

Mondrian's Headache - Fuller wanted to make this at one point, and still might.

Open Window, variant of Little Window, made by Tim Udall for IPP (2012?). About 106 made.

Packuliar, Fuller, 3/8/2009, 26 copies, $69. Brian Menold, about Dec 2014, $35, 10 made. This design unfortunately allowed a rotation during assembly which made it a lot easier (still not trivial). I added a cube in a later design that eliminated the rotation, but neither manufactured run includes it.

PuzzleWillBePlayed website; Various unmade designs posted here.

Rattle Box, Eric Fuller, Dec 2011, 30 copies, $69.

Ribbon Puzzle, Eric Fuller, 36 copies, Fuller, Dec 2011, $52.

Rotator, Fuller, 32 copies, $59. 12/12/13.

Simplified Keyholes in a Cage +2, 20 by Schweitzer, plus 2 miniature versions.

Six-Piece Framed Knot, Eric Fuller 18 pieces, $45, Released 2.2.2005. Apparently Pelikan made a few of these, too.

Snail Cube, 3 by Schweitzer as samples. Pelikan; Schneckewuerfel. I assume the same copies.

Spiral Cube #1, 8 made by Brian Menold, about July 2014.

Spiral Cube #2, made by Pelikan shops and Brian Menold. Quantities and dates unknown.

Square Dance, Eric Fuller, Feb 2012, $89, 40 copies.

Square Face, Fuller, about 4/2006, maybe 25 copies, about $40. Same time as H-Cube and Double Bar Cube were made.

Sticks in a Cage, 2 copies by Maurice Vigouroux, 2010.

Tangler, Eric Fuller, 9/2009, 35 copies, $40 each. Some made my Rich Gain on Shapeways in white plastic. Some made in red/blue plastic by George Bell. Eric making a few more in wood (qty?) abt 4/2017.

Think Outside The Box, Eric Fuller, 6/1/9/15, 47 copies, $55 each.

Threaded Cube, 8 by Schweitzer for friends. Brian Menold, Dec. 2014, 12 made.

Threaded Cube #2, two copies by Schweitzer in April 2020.

Three Open Windows, Fuller, 12/15/2008, 29 copies, $59. Philos also made a mass-production of these under the name "Trilogy" per contract through Fuller. There are also a lot of bootleg copies from China or Taiwan floating around.

Tight Noose, Brian Menold, 17 made, about 2015.

Tom's Hollow Cube, 5 by Schweitzer as samples. One copy by me in Poison oak, around 2008.

Trapped Man, JG, about 40 copies. Jorge Arroyo, unknown #. Hachette Collections, maybe 5000 in four languages in their "Collector's magazine". Variation of Trapped Man to Ubisoft for the Watson video game puzzles. Also some of the Wriggle puzzles for the same game. There are also bootleg copies of Trapped Man available in the Ukraine; I doubt they know that there is a booklet of 20-some puzzles that comes with it. I can't say I feel bad about that.

Twisty Hollow, about Dec 2014, Brian Menold, 6 made.

Twist the Night Away, about Dec 2014, Brian Menold. 13 made. Eric Fuller made 34 copies in Sept 2009 for $40 each. Brian Menold made 10 more in Jan, 2020 and nine copies in Feb 2020. Schweizter made 2 copies in April 2020. I was trying to make a puzzle with a lot of rotations, and this was a happy accident. It has an amazing number of rotations to solve.

Two Piece Oddity, 4 by Schweitzer as samples. 20 by Fuller ($45). Philos producing it, unknown number, under the name "Cross Cage". Brian Menold, about Dec. 2014, $44, 7 made. 5 mini's by Schweitzer 7/19/05.

Twelve-piece Frame by Schweitzer, 7/19/05, only 1 copy made.

Wriggle app, puzzles made with Andrea Gilbert, programmed by Conlan Rios. These came out on most Apple platforms around 2010, and were available for a few years. Andrea had a version of it on her website. Tried to make a wood version of it, but it just didn't translate well.

X-Lattice, 20 from Pelikan.Some made by Rich Gain on Shapeways in white plastic.

X-Lattice 3-Piece, a few made by Rich Gain on Shapeways.