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Last updated 22 Nov 2020

Jolly Games is now carrying a new line of puzzles, designed exclusive for us (you can only get 'em here).


If you recently bought one of my puzzles, here are the solutions!
TANGLER - also referred to as "Two Piece Disentanglement".
FLANGE 99A solution..
FLANGE 77A solution..
Lattice solution..

Cubic Burr is a level 6.9 puzzle. The fit is a bit loose. It has seven pieces, requiring 6 moves to remove the first piece and 9 moves to remove the second. This was manufactured by Tim Udall.


Flying Hex requires you to swap the four pieces on the left with the four pieces on the right, producing a mirror-image of the start position when you're finished. You can lift one piece at a time and put it into any sufficiently sized opening, rotating as needed. The fastest solution is 63 moves, and it's fairly tricky to discover how to do it, even ignoring the move-count (my first "best" was over 120 moves, and I thought I was doing well). Price is $25. Depending on supply available, the three woods shown are available in all three combinations, with the wood tray being any of the three.

Lattice is a 3 piece level 22 board-burr, laser-cut from acrylic. It takes 22 orthogonal moves to get the first piece out. The level of difficultly is fairly high, but not impossible. This is a fairly small puzzle, measuring 2.25" in width. Price is $15.

Flange 99A is a 6 piece board burr, made with laser-cut walnut ply (see picture). The 6 pieces can be disassembled in 8 moves. It's not hard to take apart, but fairly difficult to reassemble. This is also a very small puzzle, measuring a bit over 1.5". Price is $9.

Flange 77A is another 6 piece board burr laser-cut from walnut ply. It's a bit smaller that the Flange 99Apuzzle at 1.25". All the pieces are identical, and it's a level-4 burr. Medium difficultly. Price is $9.

The Trapped Man is a series of unique puzzles done with the 5 pieces in the tray. The basic puzzle requires you to put all 5 pieces in the tray in such a way as to interlock all of them. That is, when the pieces are put in the tray, they cannot slide or rotate. One possible solution of many is shown for the basic puzzle. It is also possible, but a bit harder, to take any subset of 4 or 3 pieces and do the same thing; put them in the tray so that they interlock each other, prevented from sliding or rotating. Other puzzles using the Trapped Man pieces involve creating an interlocked set outside of the tray, trying for the largest enclosed area without using the tray sides, and creating the largest rectangle possible. In addition to the 3, 4, and 5 piece interlocking patterns (16 puzzles), there are 9 other problems that come with The Trapped Man. SOLD OUT - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Entanglement is a more difficult puzzle. It consists of 8 cherrywood pieces entangled together with quite a lot of "void space", making it much more difficult than a normal puzzle to put together. With all that empty space, you'd think you could get a second solution out of it, but there's only one. NO LONGER AVIALABLE.


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