Last updated 2/27/04

Space Links

These have nothing to do with games, but it's my other big interest (and what I went to college for, twenty years ago).

Personal Design Material and Notes

Getting Filthy Rich in Space
This article covers a listing of novel ideas to get rich in space while helping the flagging commercial launch industry bootstrap itself into position. All those other ideas about exploring Mars and putting bases on Asteroids are great, but we still need to get out of the gravity well.

BalRoc Concept
This covers my design concept for a balloon rocket; a solar thermal rocket design for Earth to Orbit flight using the atmosphere as the propellant, a "hot tube" for heating the atmosphere up, and a humongous reflective mylar balloon-envelope around the tube to get it hot (top half clear, bottom half reflective. Might work, might not. Send me your thoughts.

BalRoc Design Activities
More of the nuts and bolts of the design. More data. Pictures of the very slow development process.

Space Links

Cheap access to space is one of the most important things to me, because I think "common man" will never get to space without it. Some might argue that this is a good thing, but I would like to at least see a permanent colony on some other planet during my life. So, these links tend to have a lot to do with Cheap Access to Space, innovative rocket concepts, amature rocket designers and start-up companies, and resources for budding rocket designers. This will grow over time.

Space Studies Institute
Doing great research on mass drivers and other things. Spending their research dollars wisely! The late Gerard K. O'Neill's organization, the man who wanted to build the O'Neill space colony. They also put money in Lunar soil sample separations and Myrabo's Lightcraft research.

The Space Frontier Foundation
Lists links to most other organizations, including all these here. Lots of well-organized info here.

The Mars Society
These fine folks are doing more to bring Mars to America's consciousness than anyone I can think of. Their Mars Analog Stations are great.

National Space Society
Heavily involved with lobbying and letter writing, trying to make sure NASA gets money and fund research for Cheap Access. Ad Astra is a very nice magazine, too.

Quite simply, a lobbying organization. Other good info, too.

New Mars
A place to go and post messages to other Mars and Cheap-Access proponents under a wide variety of subjects.

The Planetary Society
SETI information and planetary exploration info, and a nice magazine they put out. They also tried to put up a solar sail experiment on a Russian submarine missile, but the launch failed. Still, they're doing good research with their money.

The Terrestrial Planet Finder Telescope
A website devoted to the development of a space-based telescope for finding Earth-sized planets in other solar systems. Arguably one of the most important things to know once we have cheap access to space!

Propulsion Research
Great data and research on Solar Thermal Rockets.

Armadillo Aerospace
John Carmack's site for developing a Hydrogen Peroxide based VTOL spacecraft. Nice to see someone with money interested in this.

Marshall Space Flight Center
Excellent research source on Advanced Propulsion Systems, including a link to Breakthrough propulsion physics.

Lightcraft Technologies
I met Leik Myrabo, the guy is brilliant, and has already done successful scale-model launches of a vehicle propelled by a ground-based laser. This (like the BalRoc) uses atmosphere as a propellant. Read about it in "Future Flight", by Myrabo and Ing.

Tethers, Unlimited
Robert Forward's site. This guy has more patents than I have games. From statites to inflatable space structures to tethers, he covers everything. Highly recommend his book "Future Magic", or "Indistinguishable from Magic" (later version) for innovative propulsion concepts. This particular site just covers tethers for space use.

Peroxide Propulsion
Lots of information about Hydrogen Peroxide Propulsion Systems, describing work by Erik Bengtsson.

X-Prize site
Here you can find out everything you need to know about the X-Prize and the numerous teams that are competing for the $10,000,000 prize to launch 3 people up 100 Km! Space Projects and Info
An interesting site that offers a lot of useful information about various space stuff and propulsion systems. However, it also gives credence to some crackpot theories about gravitation, free energy, super-space drives, Area 51 and such, but 90% of the information is just solid facts about space stuff.

Material Resources
Deals with high-temperature castable ceramics, great for making solar thermal rocket nozzles cheap.

Dealing with high-temperature refractory metals and ceramics, and they make nozzles.