There are going to be some people and card creations I've overlooked, I'm sure of it, so if someone finds a card in one of the Wiz-War editions and says, "Hey, I designed that one!" be sure to let me know, and I'll give you credit for it.

For the basic set and the first edition, I'd like to thank Jeff Smith and Della Smith for helping to design the game, Dave Johnson for great ideas and critiques, and the use of his MacIntosh, Martin Gallo for more of the 1st expansion cards than I'd care to admit, Brandon Brylawski for his suggestion of Magic Sticks and Monsters, Eric Burgess for Fear, Jim Johnson for the Pit card, though it's out of print now, Byron Troy for Glue and Rewarp, Dan Hyman for extensive suggestions on Expansion 1 and Illusionary Attack, and other miscellaneous folk for various comments, suggestions, and critiques; Mark Pifer, Jeff Siadek, Geoff Case, Jeff Steele, and Lee Gold.

Also, for the basic set, thanks to the dozens of playtesters from the Society of Wizards and Warriors, now known as SAGA, you all know who you are (I hope, unless you lost your memory).

And thanks to the gang at Swarthmore, for lots of great card ideas and, of course, Swarthmore's Enchantment.

For the 2nd expansion set, I'd like to credit Dan and Mark Hyman for Bomb, Control Creation, Cease Fire, Create Ghoul, Decoy, Double Barrel, Healthstone, Hotfoot, Klutz, Push Object, Ricochet, Super Dodge, Teleport Object, Wall of Fog, Wall of Glass, Werewolf, and X-Ray Vision, and Bruce Glassco for Big Black Bat, Disguise Magic, Door-to-Door, Exploding Door, Load Stone, Random's Card, Shatter, Swap Sectors, and Teleport Creation, and Gary Robinson for Animate Object, Astral Projection, Brain Drain, Clone, Control Creation, Fill 'er Up, Hard Cell, Howling Vacuum, IT, Sucker, and Time Warp. And Frank Branham for Astral Projection, Familiar, Shield of Azpesdoze, and Shock Wave, and Eric Burgess & Friends for Eye of the Beholder, and Max Klee & Friends for Animate Object, Werewolf, Crystal Ball, and Book of Infinite Spells, and Josh Smith for Bomb, Healthstone, and Magic Armor of Ares, and Peter Hawkins for Alter Reality and Negate Neutral, Chris Taylor for Blink, Crossbow, and Psychic Storm, and Tom McKendree for Control Creation, Create sub-Wizard, Spell Stone, Sticks and Stones, Wall of Fog, Amber Pendant, Crystal Ball, and Magic Armor of Ares. Also, Jeffrey Ingalls for Evil Eye and Jeff Siadek of Gamesmiths for Featherweight, Geoff Case for Teleport Object and Vampire, and Howard Freedland for IT, Robert Berryhill and Greg Kodama for Fighterstone, and just about everyone for Rejuvenation. You'll note a few repeats in the list, that's because more than one person suggested the same spell.

For the 3rd expansion set, and possibly some of the 4th, if it ever comes out, I'd like to give the following people credit for their great card ideas. Hopefully, I haven't inadvertently left anyone off. Credit to Max Klee for Clover of Luck and Spider's Luck, Chris Taylor for Cone of Cold, Mark Spangler for Golem, Craig Bradley for Hinge and Monster Bond, Shawn Klimek and/or Stuart Klimek for Fickle Genie, Infusion, Pawn Ticket, Usury, Scapegoat, Power Converter, Obsession Compulsion, Blink Beetle, Monster Harness, Search Engine, Acid Spray, Shame, Number Ten, Peace Offering, Ghost World and Mystery Stick, Greg Lam and Princeton Simulations for Republican Monster, Jeffrey Ingalls for Spite Blast and Too Hot, Two Handles, Mike Kiker for Very Small Cow, Judy Ridenour for Dancing Doors, Don Kalal for Sleepy, Bob's Favorite Snacks for Fast Cast, Banana Peels, Wiz-Fu, Creature Stone and Quarantine, Aaron Grier for Fascinating Toy, and Tom Strong for C'Mere. All these cards were destined for the 3rd expansion, but with the reorganization of the various sets into their current incarnations, some of these have ended up in various other sets, and some have been slated for the 4th expansion set, which doesn't exist as of the writing of this. Also, I probably changed either the name or the text on most of these spells, so the original writer may not recognize his or her own handiwork after I modified it for the current edition of the rules.

I'd also like to thank various playtesters for this set, including the famous Klimek Brothers who have been playing Wiz-War almost as long as I have, Pol Jackson, Larry Chambers + his suffering wife and friends and his "500 games of Wiz-War", and the hundred or so other people who've asked me questions over the last 17 years that Wiz-War has been around.

Looking back at this, I see that over the years there have been a heck of a lot of people involved in making Wiz-War what it is today. Incredible. Oh yeah...thanks to Chessex for producing it.

Tom Jolly, 2002

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